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                                    Tips On How To Play Nier Automata

The Platinum Games developed an action role-playing game in the year 2017 called Nier Automata. It is a follow-up of the game Nier. This game can be played online as well as offline. The players in the game take the role of combat androids. This game is a proxy war between human-made androids and the machine army from a different world. You need to guide your character through abandoned factories, desserts, and amusement parks to protect the earth in the game. The players have to deal with different kinds of challenges like killer robots, collapsing environments, etc.


The Inversegamer provides you with tips and guides for different games. You will also find the latest updates on various games on the site as the website is all about games. Let's now look into some of the tips on how to play Nier Automata. The most challenging part of this game is the beginning. However, once you make it to the first save point, you will be good to go. But if you die before you reach the first save point, you will have to start all over again. So it can be quite challenging to start off and reach the first point.

You should also know the essential functions and power-ups. The character skills can be reset throughout the game as it comes in the form of plug-in chips. The chip's capacity is limited, so you should use your gold to expand the capacity. Also, the visuals in the game become monochromatic when the android character's health is low. Therefore it will be an excellent option to invest in chips that will heal your character automatically. Also, try to upgrade your weapons. Try to keep in mind what is required to upgrade the weapons so that when you find someone selling that material, you can buy them.


Players can also sell their items to earn quick cash. Try to loot as many corpses as you can. There are so many corpses scattered in the game. Pray for the corpse and earn gold and get equipped with the corpse's things before he dies. Being patient and knowing the right time to attack is also very important. Take time out to relax and go fishing using your robot to catch different collectibles. Some of these collectibles can be sold for high cash.